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Top-Braille is a reading personal assistant that allows a visually impaired user to instantaneously read any printed text.
Its small size makes it the ideal tool for on the go use. Top-Braille allows you to read in any location, shop, restaurant… with full autonomy!

Top-Braille is quite similar to a computer mouse, and it is a concentrate of electronic components and high-tech software: high definition lens, Character recognition software, Braille matrix fitted with a unique navigation system, voice synthesis software...

The user positions Top-Braille on the text to be read, with the assistance of the navigation system. The user sets the forefinger on the Braille matrix and moves the device from left to right, in order to read in Braille the letters on the matrix, one after the other. Each letter is displayed on the Braille matrix and is read, in vocal mode, through the loudspeaker or the headphone.
When Top-Braille reaches the end of a word, the word is read through the voice synthesis (only in French language).
The motion of Top-Braille is made easier through a set of rubber rolls that drive the motion in order to follow the lines of the text.

Top-Braille also provides colour recognition. When located on an object or a piece of garment, it tells in Braille and in vocal mode the recognised colour.

Top-Braille may also store, through a computer, texts and e-mails that can be read latter.

The Li-Ion battery provides a six hour reading autonomy and can be loaded within one hour.

A piece of software embedded in the computer allows the management, through an USB cable, of the content of Top-Braille and the implementation of the software upgrades.

The proper handling of Top-Braille requires, at best 2 minutes, but usually a few hours before the user can freely "surf" on newspapers, e-mails, books...

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